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About Us

The Student Accredited Private Rental Sector (SAPRS) is a coalition of leading second and third year university accommodation across Britain. SAPRS is committed to providing students with accessible, affordable, quality accommodation that gives students the comfort they need to focus on their academic studies without having to worry about their accommodation.

The group was established to drive improved standards for students. Our members provide high-quality homes that ensure that our tenants are able to focus on their academic studies and embrace the full university experience, without the stress of issues with housing.

Our proposed Student Accredited Private Rental Sector (SAPRS) code establishes standards of conduct and practice to be followed with regard to the management of student housing which does not fall within codes governing larger student developments (e.g. ANUK); or is not accommodation provided by educational bodies.

We believe Students should ultimately be able to enjoy quality accommodation, safe in the comfort that where their landlord fails to comply with the code there is a robust process for escalating and resolving disputes efficiently.”